Electrostatic Flocking is the last word in how to get the best "Flock"!!

The action of an extremely high voltage applied between the applicator and the object being coated is science. If you are familiar with powder coating, it is much the same.

The object to be coated is thoroughly cleaned either by bead blasting or chemical means. It then goes to the spray booth where it is given a good coat of adhesive. The high voltage generator is turned on and adjusted for the temperature and humidity. Typically, between 20 and 40 thousand volts. The platter, in this case is negatively charged and the applicator is positively charged. Due to the polarity of the voltages applied, the positive charged flocking fibers are pulled from the applicator to the platter. The pull of the fibers polarizes them so one end is negative, and the other end is positive. Because opposites attract, the positive end of the fiber is pulled through the adhesive until it touches the platter and loses its charge. Because all the fibers are standing on end, this makes plenty of room for the other fibers. In fact, about 100 times more fibers than if there were no charge.

The end result is all fibers are standing on end and there is no more room for the other fibers. After baking 8 or 10 hours, the excess fibers that didn't make it to the adhesive, can be blown off and saved for another day. All Unique has been in the business of flocking vintage turntable platters and Juke Box platters for 15 years and I think we are getting pretty good at it. The colors in the color chart are the most popular but we can mix them for custom colors. Of course we expect a bit more gratitude, if you know what I mean...

It is not necessary to clean up your old platter before sending it because our process will just clean it again. Just be sure the color desired is in the order.