Our service department has been in existence since 1961. We started out as the service department for all of the major Department retailers in Santa Rosa, California. As such, we had to be properly licensed by the manufacturers of the product sold. We eventually were the warranty service department for 44 worldwide manufacturers. At one point, we were the largest service department in the state of California, North of San Franscico. Now, I have retired, sort of, and service 1960s and earlier record players and re-flock turntables for dealers all over the USA.

If you have an old record player or underdash car record player, you can call or write about it in the contact page below. I also have a section of digital products you may purchase online. Also I have free downloads and videos concerning history or service manuals. Very well worth looking into.

We do purchase "Junk" underdash players for parts that are no longer available.

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